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Chapter OneEdit

"Whish!" I smile with satisfaction when my throwing knife finds its exact target. I approch the animal slowly, hoping its not alive. I dont like to kill, but I do if I have to. I'll do anything for my family. Stuffing the small rabbit in my sack, I run and run to the fence and see it crackling with energy. Ugh, I groan, now I have to take the hard way, so I toss my sack over the fence, and begin to survey the trees, trying to find an tall, perfect one for me to climb. Then I see it, I climb and climb until I reach the top, and jump into the ground, bending my knees. I hear a loud "Crack", I ignore it and just keep on walking, until my leg gives in. And I colaspe to the ground. The last image I see is a pair of Peacekeepers dragging me away. The pain this binding.

(Time Skip)

My mother wakes me up, and I find out I'm lying on my stomache. When i try to get up, I can't My back hurts. An moan escapes my lips. "Shhh, Senna, be quiet, my mother tells me. " I see Healer McCarty come out and say that the peacekeeper whacked me pretty hard since they fond me in the woods with a rabbit. I dont hear the rest, I fall deep alsleep.

A pair of peacekeepers are running and running towards me. They run and run, they catch me. They inflict a pain, then they turn into wolves then they run and run again, they tear at me..into shreads, into nothing. Screaming i wake up.

I wipe the sweat off my brow and open my eyelids to find a very hot boy staring at me. It's Jacob. I smile with relief