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Ariana Rain
Ariana before the games
Age 17
Occupation Animal Feeder
Home District 10
Gender female
Weapon Trident/pitchfork
Fate Alive

Ariana Rain was the victor of the 73rd Hunger Games. She is from District 10.

Before the games she was in charge of feeding the animals. She became very familiar with pitchforks which led to her exceding in throwing tridents. She has 2 younger siblings both who she loves dearly.

She got a 9 in training, The Careers offered her a spot in the group but she refused.

She was a main participant in the bloodbath, surpizingly using a trident as a weapon. She killed the male from 11 and females from, 7 and 9. She left the bloodbath well supplied, and many people sponsored her. She allied with her district partner and the female from 5.

The group tried to over come the careers. Killing the district 2 male, Tassy Springs boyfriend. Unfortunaltly they killed Ariana's allies before they could flee.

Ariana, then focussed on the other smaller alliances. She killed the 3 female leaveing her and two careers. The careers turned on each other. The female from 2 won the battles. She had a few wounds so Ariana could easily kill her.

After the rebellion began Ariana saved many children from the Capitols rage and was given a medal for her bravery.