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Calla Summers

Calla SummersEdit

Age: 14

Calla Summers is a character by Anna-athena. She is being featured as the protagonist in Anna-athena's story Drop Dead Silence. Drop Dead Silence is an mystery story about the mysterious deaths of Titan Island.


Calla was an quiet, average girl at school. She had a reasonable amount of friends. At school, she couldn't care less of the popular and mean girls but they were always mean to her. Calla is an academically Straight A student, with one B+ in Physical Ed. She's highly eduacated about the Criminal Code and law information. This eared her the nickname "Cop Summers." Her mother is an constable and her father is a Private Investigator.


She's quiet, witty and smart. Calla enjoys reading mystery and fantasy novels. She can be nasty if she wants too but mostly just hangs out with her best friends, Revelyn and Trillium.

Deepest SecretEdit

In Drop Dead Silence, this secret will be a crucial part in the motivations and alibis in the story


She loves to hike. Revelyn, her only friend who shares her intrest, often goes with her too Deer Run Trail, near their neighbourhood. Once, when they were 11, they stumbled along a small bluejay wounded on the ground. This bluejay, was quietly calling for help, dispite its fatal injurys. The result was being unable to fly. Now, this bluejay lives with her as her pet. She named her Fallon Star.

Flaw: Not strong, scared easily