Age: 14

Appearance: Dark blonde hair, green eyes, light skin, strong

Skills: great with knives, tracking, hunting, really good with snares and climbing, fast runner, agility


Weakness: Doesn't like water much or big weapons like swords or spears

Strategy: Get something close and run, find water, climb a tree

Personality: Really nice, trusting, and a good friend, strong-willed

History: Cass lives alone with her stepmother, but her best friend, McCall is like a sister to her. Cass grew up in a small town, but there were always miles of greenbelt she played in. She still has enough time to go out in the woods, where she hunts at night from dawn to dusk. She was reaped. Her other friend, Cast, gave her the pendant, and she told Cast she would never forget him, ever.

Token: black leather cord with a champagne diamond pendant