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Ok so this is a Hunger Games Story about a crazy girl from District 5 in the 3rd Hunger Games


Main CharactersEdit

Mimi CrayEdit


Mimi Cray



Information: She was born a normal girl, but her father was a major General in the Dark Days and he was killed and tortured by the Capitol once they caught him. Mimi was taken from her family and forced to use her amazing gymnaist skills to preform in the capitol. After she turned 11 she had an acident where she fell and split her head open. They sent her back home but she wasn't right in the head. She mumbled odd things and spoke jummbled. She also froze at the sound of electric humming. After she hears the hum she freezes she starts to scream and cry. Then she curls in a ball and rocks back and forth. She also stares at the sky a lot and doesn't focus well.(Her sister was tortured by the capitol through electric shock. But she knows the Hunger Games and focus' when she hears about them because that is what they did to her brother. They put him in the Hunger Games as her families punishment. Her mother is the only one left. But she is addicted to morphling and beats her every once in a while.