Age: 15

Appearance: blonde hair, light brown eyes, scars on one cheek, nice smile

Skills: spears, knives, hand to hand combat, tracking, hunting, archery, great with snares, amazing runner

Weakness: will do anything to protect Tinsel (though he's not in love with her) not the best climber or swimmer

Strategy: Get something and find the Careers and Tinsel

Personality: a little vicious but mostly nice enough

History: he lives with his mother, father, older brother, Crag (16) and younger brother Cedar (7). He became best friends with Tinsel after she helped him rescue his younger brother form a swift river current. Now he has learned she is great at archery, and he's teaching her how to throw, but she's awful at it. He was reaped with her.

Token: black rope bracelet with 7 knots