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Dante Kopersmith
Dante lunaii
Age 17
Occupation Agricultural worker
Home District 11
Gender Male
Weapon Sword
Fate Alive

Dante Kopersmith was a 17-year-old male from District 11. He served as a Tribute in the 72nd Hunger Games, where he was crowned the victor. His fierce fighting style and experience with swords gave him an advantage in the game. He was also very muscular from his agricultural labor in District 11.

When the districts rebelled against the Capitol a few years later, Dante and his friend, Russell Shields, organized a group of rebels consisting of inhabitants from District 11 and District 12. They fought against the Capitol, and many of Dante's comrades died. However, Dante was able to fight through numerous Peacekeepers and helped to overtake and secure a Peacekeeper outpost located near District 5.