Dawn Lark

Age: 15

Appearance: dark brown air with natural light brown streaks, dark blue-grey eyes

Skills: tracking, hunting, knives, archery, throwing darts, agile. Great with animals

Weakness: not very find of water, doesn't like being under trees

Strategy: Get something close and run, find water

Personality: Quiet, shy, can act a bit mean to those she doesn't know well

History: She became one of Glenn's best friends after the incident with the snare, and a good hunting partner, though she can only bring down rabbits and the occasional wild turkey. She likes to hunt at night, under the cover of darkness, and often does so, from dusk to dawn. She works hard to feed her family, consisting of her 2 brothers, Twilight (16) and Nyte (7), her sister Eve (8) ad her mother. She likes to hunt with Twilight and Glenn, but often finds herself on her own as the boys prefer to hunt in the daytime. She was reaped.