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Evelyn WinterEdit

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Information: Evelyn Winter is the main character of an mystery soon to be written. This mystery will be called Unsure Why.

Background: Evelyn was the girl everyone wanted to be. She was popular, and trendy. At her school, she was the top of the feud chain and leader of almost everything. For an community service project, Evelyn was forced to volunteer at an local daycare for kids. Surprisly she grew attached to and young, mysterious 7 year old girl names Titania. Titania was new, and no one knew anything about her. She had an long red scar just behhind her ear and running down her back. She was quiet and almost didn't speak at all. Evelyn was curious and upset when one day Titania didn't come to daycare. Then she didn't come another day. Headlines on the newspaper featured the abduction of many little asian kids. Then murders. What if Titania was kidnapped? She dosen't know why she cares, but she does. When she goes too Titania's house, she finds out that her house is desereted. Her parents aren't home. No one knows where they are. Where is she?

Personality: Evelyn is an sassy, self centered girl. She thinks that she is the top of everyone, and she is. She's fashionable, smart and witty. Everyone knows not to cross her, if they do, their dead. She can weasel her way out of anything

History: Her father is an famous director and is almost never home. Her mother left them when she was 4 and never came back. She always wondered what happened with her mother. Is she sane?

She always wears a bracelet with her mother and hers picture in it.

Major Point in Social Life: When she was 11, there was a new girl in town. Her name was Kajama Templing. Evelyn decided she didn't like Kajama becuase she was pretty and all the boys liked her. To make sure that Kajama wouldn't endanger her social status, Kajama is now her best friend.

Fatal Flaw: People thinking she is unperfect, hubris,

Flaw: she cant dance at all. During dance once, she created an fake note from her mom to get her out of there.

Mother: Status unknown, no whereabouts

Father: Elite Status, famous director Micheal Winters