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Sacrifices is a fanon written by Mopping. It will follow the District 11 tribute Chaff in the 45th Hunger Games, as he struggles to over come his fierce opponents and weather. There are multiple points of views by Chaff and his district partner.



To Win, You Must Make Sacrifices.




Mopping, Finnick999




Zero (In Progress)



Main CharactersEdit

Chaff Detail

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Arena Strategy: Hide away and stay away from the careers, when possible try to loot there camp, if not possible still out of harms way.

Skills: Sword fighting and spears. Brute strength, can overpower most tributes even some careers.

Weaknesses: Agility,

Token: None

Appearance: Tall, large, dark sin and blondish dark hair, green sly eyes,

Volunteered or Reaped?: Reaped

Chaff is the main protaginist in Sacrifices, he is also the male tribute for District 11 in the 45th Hunger Games. We follow him as he goes through horrors of the hunger games.



Lucy Bungalo

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Arena Strategy: Stay out of the careers way, possibly make an alliance with another tribute- Chaff if he wants to.

Skills: Alright at bow and arrow, agility, speed and intelligence

Weaknesses: Strength

Token: A necklace of beads, one for each of her family members.

Appearance: Light-Tanned skin, blue eyes, long blonde hair, always smiles,

Volunteered or Reaped?: Reaped

Lucy is the female tribute for District 11 in the 45th Hunger Games. We sometimes have her point of view in the arena as she trys to get away from the careers grasp. She is one of the main atognoists in the story.

Jay Sponge

Jay Sponge is the escort for the tributes, she has long curly pink hair with a bow in it. Light blue sparkling eyes and a mischevious smile.

Green Apple

Green Apple is the tributes mentor for the games. He won his games using an unknown method and was one of the first for District 11. He has short dark hair.


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