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Fanon: The Journey of FoxfaceEdit

This is my second fanon, the first one; Fanon: Through the Eyes of Clove, can be found here:

This fanon takes us through the eyes of Foxface, the district 5 female tribute. We find out her real name and her family. What was she doing in between the bloodbath and the feast? Read on and find out.

Chapter One - The TributesEdit

I brush my strangly red hair out my eyes, it's the day of the reaping. The day everyone dreads, I know I have no skill at fighting but I have intelligence.

Intelligence is the best weapon in the arena, if I am reaped I will be sly and elusive, and if someone becomes my ally, i will back stab them. Oh yes I will.

My foot catches a bit of poo, and I start to scrape it off with a stick, I can see the reaping area in front of me, they are about to close it when i flit in. Not a second to late. I look around at my fellow 14 year olds, some look buff others look whiney and weak.

The Escort walks up to the podium, her ridiculous pink fluffy wig atop her tatooed face. I sneer at her, her like other people in the capitol think this is a fashion statement, what idiots. She takes a slip out of the girls bowl and in her high-pitched capitol accent calls-

"Isabelle Gerent"

The look on my face is none other than shock, I cant believe it was me. My parents are screaming, my younger brother is crying. I walk up to the stage and dont look back.

The Escort, for some reason is smiling at me, she knows as well as everyone else in the district that District 5 havent had a victor for years, but maybe just maybe I will get lucky this year and District 5 will have another victor.

"Floody Mc Doodle"

The weak male walks up to the stage, and as soon as I see him, I know he wont last a second in the games. It's up to me for District 5.

Chapter Two - The JourneyEdit

The peacekeepers usher us into the train with there guns, just looking at it makes me shake with fear. I look around at the interior of the train, yup, its high tech with a plasma television on the left wall and a mini bar next to it, this is the life, until we get to the arena.

The days go by without a hitch. I eat, I train, I sleep. Thats my life.