Age: 16

Appearance: brown hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin, much taller than average

Skills: knives, hand to hand combat, throwing spears, tracking, running, hiding, making/using arrowheads, decent


with snares, bow

Weakness: hates climbing, dislikes quiet places

Strategy: Get something close and run, find water

Personality: Caring, observant, trustworhy. Can be aggressive

History: Glenn was 12 when he first saw Dawn Lark. He knew Dawn's brother, Twilight, from school. He and Twilight were hunting out in the hills. Twilight helped Glenn set some snares. Then when Glenn went to check the snares after taking down a deer with his bow, he found Dawn. He screamed at her not to touch the snare, and she was terrified of his wrath. he began to apologize, but Twilight found him first and demanded why Glenn had raged so at his sister. Glenn replied he was only trying to warn her ot to cut herself on the snare, and admitted that he did it wrong. He apologized. Now dawn is one of his closest hunting partners, next to Twilight. When she was reaped, he volunteered because he wants to protect her.

Token: brown ring made of rope