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Herflex Nome

Name: Herflex Nome

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Skills: Fighting with hands.

Weaknesses: Herflex thinks he is the best fighter ever but he isn't.

History: He lives in a house full of crazy people. His mom, his dad, his brother, his sisters, and his aunt are all crazy. He chose the games as an opurtunity to get away for a while. Herflex hopes that if he wins and gets a house in Victors Village he won't have to bring his family. Herflex volenteered.

Personality: Evil, sneaky, smart, and worry wart.

Strategy: To make an alliance with the careers and watch them do all the work while he sits around all day.

Token: A scarf with his initials on the inside.

Herflex is the kind of kid you wouldn't want to be friends with. But he has that kind of personality that makes you wonder about things. He's very convinceing. If he wants you to do something he makes you.