Horrors is the first chapter of the fanon Sacrifices. It is about the horrors faced when the reaping is happening and once it has happened. This chapter is entirely in the point of view as Chaff.

A New DayEdit



Sometimes, The Odds Are Not In Your Favour.





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As Chaff Details

"Wake up Chaff, It's time to get up"

yells my mother from the kitchen, I groggily step out of bed and make my way towards the kitchen, stepping on a pillow as I go. I chuck it into my sisters room and continue walking.

My bare feet making minimal sound as I enter the kitchen, the light from a new day's sun is flooding in, warming your outer body. I sit down and my mother puts a piece of bread with some cheese on it. I take a bite YUM.

I look over at my sister, 12 years old with blonde hair that falls onto her shoulders. The odds of not being reaped are in her favour, but of course you can never trust odds.

I get dressed into my reaping outfit, a basic white shirt and some jeans. My sister puts on her knee height pink dress, and puts a bow in her hair. We walk out the front door and start to take the 10 minute walking journey to the city centre, where the reaping will take place.

The OddsEdit

I keep my head bowed, not wanting to see the ridiculous hair style of this years escort.