Hi, I am writing this Game through Haymitch's eyes hope you enjoy! I am starting right at the Gong, just to let you know.

Chapter 1: The GamesEdit

"Let the 50th Hunger Games Begin!" I hear Claudius Templesmith yell. I taken in the breath taking veiw, the sweet smell of flowers, the clear azura sky. It is a dream, no it is my worst nightmare. It turns out that it not only mine but someone elses too. I think the girl from District 6, is throwing tantrum on her plate. I lift an eyebrow and focus back on the horn. My mentor has told me to avoid the Cornucopia, but it is so tempting. I'm a fast runner, and the rest of the tributes seem to be in a trance stunded by the beauty. Good thing that l can block out my emotions. I postion my self to run, and 6 seconds later the gong rings and l'm running torawd the Golden Horn. I get half a dozen knives that will be handy, a bakpack full of who knows what, a loaf of bread, and an apple. I run to the forest and allow myself a second to look back. It turns out to be a bad idea because one of the girls from 8 is charging at me with a spear l take out one of my knives and let it out of my hands, to only let it enter her neck. She falls to the ground and then l can see the feild. Half of the tributes are still on there plate, either from fear or the beauty all around them. Some have taken to the wilderness, others lie dead already, and the rest have reached the Cornucopia and are starting to fight. I run for about a mile and then jog slash walk till l find base camp. An hour later l start to hear the cannons and count 18. That means l still have to out live 30 other palyers, and l think about the girl l killed. She had a family and friends. I try to push the thought of it out of my mind, because l don't want to show any emotions on live TV.

I travel for abot a good 6 miles then look in my bag to see what l have. I have two full water bottles, a thick blanket, dried fruit and beef, crackers, and some rope. I decide to set up three snares and hike up a tree. I find a good and high tree. I'm covered in its clumpy leaves, and l'm in a very comfortable fork. I tie the rest of the rope around me and the branch, just in case l roll over. Then the Anthem plays, and l await for the faces of the dead tributes to come.