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Katherine Price
Girl lunaii
Katherine in her interview dress
Age 16
Occupation None
Home District 1
Gender Female
Weapon Platinum whip
Fate Unknown

Katherine Price is a female from District 1. She comes from an extremely wealthy family and never had to worry about shortages of food, power, or money. Her father was a renowned jewel crafter and was occasionally invited to the Capitol to display his works. Katherine was permitted to travel with her father on one of his trips. After purchasing many designer-brand clothes from the Captiol, Katherine found great interest in shopping. Her father let her wear numerous jewels he'd made. At school, Katherine was extremely popular and was invited to parties. She also began hosting her own parties in her mansion.

Katherine's life was not perfect, however. Most of her friends only valued her for her money, looks, or social status, and she soon realized that she had no true friends. Katherine's mother, Danica Price, was very spiteful and abusive and often hit Katherine or punished her unfairly. Her dad was oblivous to most of what was going on in the family, so he was never around to help. In order to stay away from her mom as well as pass time, Katherine sketched pictures usually depcting people wearing flamboyant clothing.

When Katherine showed up to Reaping Day for the 72nd Hunger Games, she was devastated when she was picked to be a tribute. Using her social skills, she quickly forged an alliance with the Career tributes a day before the Games began. During the Games, Katherine depended on her allies for food and navigation around the arena, but she discovered she was quite skilled with using weapons, especially a platinum-tipped whip she acquired from the Cornucopia.

It is unclear exactly how Katherine died in the arena. Her body was found stretched atop a flat rock. She had a deep, gaping hole in her stomach that appeared to be cut with something very sharp.