Me, Renee

These are my Tributes

District 0Edit

Harriet 'Hattie' NixonEdit

Harriet 'Hattie' Nixon is from District Zero and she is owned by Renee7, her token is a Ying Yang necklace.

Skills, Weaknesses, Stratergy and HistoryEdit

Skills: She can alley with anyone, pretty dang confident

Weaknesses: She can easily get confused, Usally doesn't react to people screaming 'duck' or 'run' very quickly, she is overly confident for her age

Stratergy: She alleys and teams up with people to get her back

History: In the past her life depended on alleying

District 1Edit

Danica FraiserEdit

Danica Fraiser is a tribute from district 1, she is a career and is owned by Renee7.

Skills, Weaknesses, Stratergy, HistoryEdit

Skills: Danica is really good at making allies and freinds

Weaknesses: She often day dreams, she is really ticklish and she is often tired

Stratergy: She has none

History: She has no bad history and as she is well feed in district 2 she is not used to being starved