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Ray Vanderbelt
Lunaii boy 5
Age 18
Occupation Dockworker, fisherman
Home District 4
Gender Male
Weapon Spiked mace
Fate Dead

Ray Vanderbelt is a tribute from District 4 who was a competitor in the 73rd Hunger Games. Ray was part of a family of six, which included his three younger sisters. He was an exceptional swimmer and fisherman. During his childhood years, Ray's father took him to the lake, where they would swim or play catch. Ray was able to hone his swimming skills during his lake visits and became one of the best swimmers in the district. Friends and family had dubbed Ray "the shark" due to his hobby. Ray became a dockworker for District 4 at the age of 16. He and his father worked for the same business and saw each other numerous times during the day. When he wasn't at work, Ray could usually be found swimming in a lake or the ocean on the shore of his district.

Ray was the leader of the Career alliance during the Games. However, he felt that some of his allies were slowing him down and hindering his progress, so Ray killed two allies during their sleep. The remaining Careers became cautious of Ray and planned on killing him as soon as possible. Hours after this agreement had been made, Ray was out hunting down a girl from District 7. After she was killed, Ray began to make his way down to a lake near a rocky cliff. Here, he was ambushed by his ex-allies. He was stabbed in the leg by his female tribute counterpart, Aera Eversun. Despite his injury, Ray was able to overpower his opponents and massacred most of them, leaving only one survivor who quickly fled the scene.

Ray was one of the final three tributes to survive the games. He fought hand-to-hand with Dante, throwing punches and wrestling him all the way down to the lake. Dante punched Ray straight in the temple, which knocked him out.Ray was thrown into the lake by Dante and began drowning before he regained consciousness. His body was retrieved and taken to the Capitol soon after. When the Games were over, Ray's hometown in District 4 held a funeral in his honor.

Ray was known for his swimming skills as well as his exceptional persuasion and communication. He could easily talk anyone into doing something if he wanted to. Most of the people in Ray's town knew him or knew who he was. Ray used his interpersonal skills as an advantage throughout the Games.