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Tassy Springs
Age 18
Occupation None
Home District 2
Gender Female
Weapon Knifes
Fate Dead

Tassy Springs was the career leader in the 73rd Hunger Games.

Before the Games Tassy was a rebellious girl. In order to annoy her mother she got her hair dyed permenetly blue and green. She also was a natrual born leader and career. She work hard and long. Her dad was her trainer and wasn't afraid to hurt her so she recived a long scar down her face.

She recived a 10 in training, and was furious when Ariana Rain, declined her offer. She was her district partners girlfriend.

During the games she immedatly took controll. She ordered everyone around and made them miserable, except for her boyfriend. Although she didn't know it Tassy's group was being followed by Arianas allince. The other careers were about to turn on Tassy when they were attacked. Her boyfriend and her were able to kill Arianna's allies but her boyfriend died from bad wounds.

When it came down to the final 3 her and the female from 1 fought. Tassy won but was wounded so she lost to Ariana in the final battle.