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Ticia Wilcrest
Ticia lunaii
Ticia in her interview outfit
Age 16
Occupation None
Home District 11
Gender Female
Weapon Poison darts
Fate Alive, injured and partly brainwashed

Ticia Wilcrest is a female Hunger Games tribute from District 11. Throughout most of her life, she had a small job teaching illiterate kids in her district how to read and write. Ticia never got to know her family very well, because her dad died and her brother was sent to jail for stealing.

Ticia is often anxious or deep in thought. She is very smart, and most people find her attractive. She also has a secret love for her friend and tribute counterpart, Dante Kopersmith.

Ticia was a competitor in the 72nd Hunger Games. She is sixteen years old and is a very skilled tracker. Her skills benefitted her in the arena, as she was easily able to find food. Ticia was one of the final three competitors in the Games, along with Dante and a Career tribute. Unwilling to kill Dante, Ticia stabbed herself in the stomach and faked her death. She was picked up by a helicopter in the arena and was supposed to be brought to the Capitol for disposal.

Risking her safety, Ticia revealed to the Peacekeepers in the helicopter that she was alive, and she was immediately sedated. After being accused of breaking the rules, she was sent to the Capitol to be detained. President Snow decided to perform tests on her, most of which included performance drug and muttation supplement tests. She quickly became "living experiment" for various supplements and conditions.

After the rebellion against the Capitol had officially begun, Ticia was in a state of wreck mentally and physically. She was unable to do much of anything except sit in a concrete holding cell. Days after the rebellion began, she was rescued by Dante and a group of District 11 fighters. Dante brought her to a safehouse in a remote area north of the Capitol.