Age: 15

Appearance: red hair, gold-brown eyes, tan complexion

Skills: climbing, swimming, archery, throwing darts, a little hand to hand combat and tracking, plants

Weakness: Can't throw, not very big.

Strategy: Get something close and run, find water, climb a tree

Personality: Trusting/trustworthy, carefree, nice but can be vicious

History: She lives with her stepsister, Clover (12), stepbrother, Herb (8) real sister, Timber (19) and her parents. She is great with plants and her best friend, Cypress Gaze, is teaching her to use a knife, though she doesn't seem to be getting it. She and Cypress became friends after se helped him get his brother, Cedar (7) out of the river. She and Cypress do everything together. Now, they're both in the Games, after they were both reaped.

Token: black anklet with 7 knots