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Trillia Heavens
Trillia lunaii
Trillia days before the Games
Age 15
Home District 6
Gender Female
Weapon Razor claw gloves
Fate Unknown

Trillia Heavens is a girl from District 6 who is greatly known for her soccer skills. She plays for an unofficial soccer team with her friends and is known as one of the best soccer players for her age.

Not only is Trillia known for her athletecism, but she is infamous for her lying and seduction skills. She can easily attract anyone she meets and make people believe every word she says. This is a trait she uses in the Games to forge alliances or feed tributes false information, ultimately leading to their death. Trillia was one of the final eight tributes to survive in the 72nd Hunger Games. She didn't make it much farther though, because she was blown up by a landmine set by a tribute from District 7.

Trillia came from a family of originally five, but one of her brothers was killed in the game years before she was picked for the 72nd Hunger Games. She had very close relationships with her brothers, but often lied to her parents and many of the people she knew from school or soccer.