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If you've read through Mockingjay you know that they voted for a hunger games using offical's childern. This will be the story of a Gamemakers children as they are forced to go through the tourchure that many kids before them have been through.


Main CharactersEdit

Jay Crane

Parent: Seneca Crane


Parent's Position: Head Gamemaker

Age: 15

Information: Like his father he is a ruthless killing machine. He is able to come up with clever tricks. Plans ahead well. Never gives up. Hates the capitol because they killed his father.

Plan: Stay Alone

Rosey Snow

(Grand)Parent: President Snow

Rosey Snow

Parent's Position: President

Age: 17

Information: Survive. Kill. Win. She is extremly clever, has an opsetion with roses. And hates the rebells. She wants to join up with the most powerful people in the game and kill them.

Plan: Start a career group.

Clement Fold

Parent: Daisy Fold


Parent's Position: Gamemaker


Informatiion: His mother was a gamemaker. He is extremly book smart. His people skills are shakey he plans to win by out smarting the other competitors. He also plans to learn as much as he can about how to fight during training.

Plan: Hide and trick

Elle Maul

Parent: Amy Maul

Parent's Job: Gamemaker (specialized in mutt training/making)

Age: 17
Elle Maul

Elle Maul

Info: Elle's mom trained and created th mutts in the Games, and when she got older her mom taught her all of her secets. Elle learned to control the mutts, and take care of them. She grew to love them, becoming almost obsessed with them. She would never kill a mutt, and would kill anyone who did.

Plan: Find mutts, train them to protect her and attack other tributes.

Secondary CharactersEdit

Courtney Icment


Courtney Icment

Parent: Kenneth Icment

Parent's job: Gamemaker

Age: 15

Information: Courtney is an amazing liar. She can say she's someone shes nit and people will believe her. For instance she could she's a different tribute and people would believe her. She is also kind of slalkerish.

Plan: Make an alliance with the best people saying she's an expert at all weapons.


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