Age: 15

Appearance: Brown hair, dark reddish-blonde bangs, tan skin, brown eyes, tall and strong

Skills: penknife, spear, swimming, running, tracking, hunting, carving, good with animals, especially dogs (not mutts), throwing darts

Weakness: Climbing and cold weather are Wolfgang's two bigest weaknesses.

Strategy: Get something close and run, find water

Personality: Outgoing and funny, really nice once you get to know him

History: He lives with his 2 brothers, Cotto and Forest (both 18), and little sister, Catarine (9) and likes to spend all day in the woods. He loves being outdoors, especially when Revelynn is there. He has known Revelynn ince he was 11, when she helped him sneak food to his starving sister once cold, dark winter when there was little food in his district.

Token: Black rope around his neck